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People who talks for expressing his idea, who write books for taking down the significant words. So talking is for expressing ones idea, and writing books is for taking down what people said.

Maybe she won't come.

Jose and Floria weren't sure what to do.

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I'm sorry. I forgot about this.

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We have a good opinion of your invention.


Somebody took a shot at them.

"Do you find me repulsive?" "No, not all."

How do you expect us to do that?


I believe we can do business together.


Everybody knows I hate him.


Marion always drinks his coffee strong.

This is a matter of the utmost importance.

I'd better get back to work now.

The farmers didn't know what to do.

You won't be sorry.

Dan had a history of sleepwalking.

I always find myself comforting people with the words I want to hear.

Let him at it.

The beautiful scene of a lake was not able to be enjoyed because of rain and fog.

Naoto was very lucky.

I wouldn't be surprised if lots of Tatoeba members were Scrabble addicts as well.

I broke my leg in two places during a skiing mishap.

He saved a sailor.

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Tell them to try harder.

Alfred is fairly plain, but Sanjeev thinks she's the bee's knees.

Debi, you're fired!

She looked at me.

In this case, there are a lot of factors at play.

I don't know how he can live in this quilombo.

Christmas is soon, isn't it?

Go to your quarters.

I'm not ashamed of that at all.

Why did you tell Natraj first?

Where did you spend your summer?


Donna works on Wall Street.

I came down here to Florida for the weather.

All you people will be remembered for hundreds of years.


It is snowing now.

The town had three lumber mills, four shingle mills, and a gristmill.

He doesn't sing well.

Have you given Real anything to eat or drink?

I hurt her feelings on purpose.

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The vanity plate I want is not available.


You are off the point.

What is the biggest city in Georgia ?

Her bed is next to the wall.

You must avoid misbehaving in order to be a honourable person.

The earth's moon is a natural satellite.


This is between me and Matthieu.

I've just turned 20.

The second test is a great improvement on the first.


Cooking takes up too much time.

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Is this a joke?


Doug and Vadim stopped kissing.


You're such a bad liar.

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This is the first time I've ever dropped Marika at the hospital.

He's just like a baby.

Why didn't you tell the truth?

I don't have anything to say to any of you.

Fay seldom goes hiking by himself.


Music was my first love and it will be my last!

I was talking to Sehyo about what happened last night.

Kim is quite versatile, isn't he?

The thief stubbed his toe on the door.

I'm with Ethan.


Kitty usually goes out at night.

I asked him if he would scratch my back.

How long ago did you get here?


Volcanoes can be active, dormant, or extinct.

Could we have a table near the window?

Maybe you could use a flange on it?

We do the best we can.

Do you want to talk about something?

My father is as bald as a billiard ball.

Where is the cat sleeping?

Let's try that again.

Andre promised he'd help me build a doghouse.

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She botched the job.

Todd the squirrel, playing two stereos at once, claims to listen only to "double music."

Lester said that he didn't want to see or speak to anyone.

The comic books were piled on the desk.

Juha lives there.

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Now brace yourself.

Age will not weary them.

All the girls think he's the bomb.


I'm just here to talk to Kerry.

There are plenty of nice girls out there.

I talked with our sales people.


Kay stayed at my house.


It isn't moralism.

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It's incredible, you know?

I want to live and die free, to rob no one and to succeed no one.

He passed for a learned man in our community.

Joel got abducted by aliens.

The book is blue.

Thuan made a lot of typos on his new keyboard until he got used to it.

If you want more details about that, you'll have to ask my boss.

I squeezed Brandon's hand.

Am I hired?

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I need a shirt with a stiff collar.


Wait. Don't go.

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The real estate man told lies to the couple.

To those who would tear the world down: we will defeat you.

Have you ever had a pulled ligament? It hurts like hell.

Get it right!

There are many shantytowns in Mexico.

Yesterday I baked pastries with mushrooms.

It's a series of tubes.

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Art came to see you.

I didn't want to be a burden.

Since I'm off duty today, let's go to the coast.

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There's coffee, and then there's COFFEE.

Try to be moderate in drinking.

Hitoshi won't have this job much longer.

Not knowing what to say, I kept silent.

Jacob doesn't know where Antonio is right now.

I like all my classes.

What's your favorite way to get around?

We can add milk to this coffee.

I go to bed at 10 p.m.

He looks like Johnny Depp.

His will was transmitted to his younger brother.

He's a musicologist.

Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


Cosmic rays come from beyond our own solar system.


I set fire to one.

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Please hang up and the operator will call you back.


Print it all in small letters.

Japanese companies have set up factories on every continent, and Japanese banks help finance many of the world's major economic programs.

It's very quiet.

I must admit that, despite loving our friendship, I think I'm also starting to love you.

The dragonfly gracefully passed over the water.

You've missed the boat.

Alexis did a happy dance.

Tran doesn't appreciate what Dewey did.

I like pea pods in my stir fry.


Don't be a backseat driver.


Will you glance through this report?


It's because he got lost.

It is easier to sympathize with sorrow than to sympathize with joy.

We'd better wash up.

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We can hear the church bell every morning.

I really don't feel well.

No one really knows what a UFO is like.

He went abroad soon after his father.

I told you it was a mistake.

Mott heard a strange noise.

I don't like the way Giovanni did that.

He can speak French, not to mention English.

How is your new girlfriend?


His powerful speech carried the audience with him.


What do you study in school?

Shaw first met Swamy when they were in high school.

Jagath found me a good job.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid.

Dorian cooks better than his wife Roland.

I told the dog to stay.

Why am I doing this you ask? Because I can.